It’s time to update. We just shipped version Keep reading to learn how to update.

Thank you for being a Radiant Photo user. We truly appreciate your passion for the product and your feedback. This is an essential update for all users, especially those on Windows. We strive to provide high-quality software and closely look at the bugs and feature requests we receive through our tech support team.

Batch Processing Improvements

This update adds two new features that improve the ability to batch-process photos.

*Open Folder. *You can now choose File > Open Folder to select an entire folder of images to process. The folder can even have subfolders within it. The only limitation is the amount of RAM your system offers for how many images you can open at once.

Reveal File Command. Inside the Filmstrip you’ll find a third button. Just click the Folder icon to reveal the file’s original location. This is useful if you want to go back to the original location of an image to grab more files or to check things.

Improved Batch Processing Speeds and Stability. We’ve improved the batch processing speed of Radiant Photo. You’ll find that processing several photos with the Save All command is a faster output. We’ve also increased stability for those with less RAM. This is an important area for us as it allows Radiant Photo to be a big timesaver. We’ll keep improving batch processing with additional features in the future.

Performance Boosts

We’re always striving to make Radiant Photo faster and easier to use. Thanks to those of you who took the time to file bugs and work with our Support team.

  • We fixed a bug that caused some images to be skipped if you opened and closed too quickly in Radiant Photo (i.e. before processing was done). Now clicking the Save All button will finish processing images before writing files.
  • Faster raw processing on Windows. We optimized the window raw processing pipeline. Please be sure your raw extensions are up to date –
  • Overall a boost for Windows users. The speed of Radiant Photo has always been optimized for macOS M1/M2 processors. We’ve now been able to bring many of those improvements to Windows users now. We know that speed matters, and we’ve worked hard to bring improved performance.

Usability Fixes

  • User Interface Shifts are adjusted to minimize UI changes when switching views. Remember to use those 1-2-3 shortcut keys to see.
  • We updated the built-in presets to use Stronger (instead of Maximum) for Tint Correction to avoid over-processing color casts.
  • Radiant Photo now remembers the last Workspace you used before quitting and will re-launch with that as your favorite.
  • Zooming with Hi-res displays on Windows now works correctly. Some users had different views for the before and after comparisons.

Color Grading Improvements

Take advantage of robust Color Grading tools. The Graduated Filter tool no longer resets when you toggle its visibility. This makes it easy to turn it off and on to compare its effects. The Feather slider in the Graduated Filter is now more accurate in its number display.

You can now double-click the three sliders in the Color Grading tools to reset them to their default values. This makes it easier to experiment without needing to do a full reset.

How to update

Thanks again for using Radiant Photo. You can learn how to upgrade by checking out this article on the Radiant Manager.

  • When you launch the application, it should prompt you for an update.
  • Be sure any host applications like Photoshop or Lightroom Classic are closed when you run the update.
  • Here are additional instructions on how to update if needed

Other Issues?

Our team is here to help. We have real humans who answer questions. Just visit

More soon.



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