It’s time to update. We shipped Radiant Photo Update One on December 15. It’s a set of major improvements for free to all users.

What’s New and Improved?

Thank you for being a Radiant Photo user. We truly appreciate your passion for the product and your feedback. This is a crucial update for all users. We strive to provide high-quality software and closely look at the bugs we receive through our tech support team. We also monitored the requests and feedback received here in our community to help shape this update.

Updated Workspaces

We wanted to make the workflow of Radiant Photo clearer… so we updated the workspaces.

  • Quick Edit – Just the essentials for when you’re in a hurry or want to keep it straightforward
  • Detailed Edit – Full control over Tone, Color, and Detail, as well as a suite of Portrait tools
  • Color Grade – Adjust the visual style, use a gradient filter for subjective adjustments, and make fine-tuning edits to the final photo with Finishing tools.
  • The new arrangement makes all the views less cluttered and provides a clearer path to better images.

Color Grading Workspace

This new workspace makes it easy to focus on aesthetics. Start by choosing a LOOK to modify the visual style. There’s much more room to see the thumbnail preview of each look in the expanded workspace.

Then switch to the Targeted Edit tab to make advanced edits with the Graduated Filter and Finishing Tools. These are perfect for fine-tuning your unique look. A quick way to switch tool groups is to press the X key.

Up top, you’ll find a new control. The Develop slider lets you boost or reduce the edits you made with the Color, Tone, and Details tools. This way, you can quickly push the image a little as it interacts with the color grading tools.

The Histogram is also available full-time in this workspace as you refine the color. Press the J key to see any clipped highlights (red overlay) or shadows (blue overlay). You can then use the finishing tools to refine these areas.

Full View Editing

Looking to do a final pass on your edit? You can press the Tab key to hide all the panels in the Detailed Edit or Color Grade workspaces. In the upper right corner, you’ll see two über sliders. These let you adjust and refine the core edits.

  • Develop – Exponentially refine the Tone, Color, and Details tools.
  • Color Grade – Change the strength of a LOOK for quick refinement

Processing indicators in the Filmstrip

Instead of showing the “spinning flower,” we made a great change.
You will see the unprocessed image first. The green triangle in the corner means that the image is still being analyzed and optimized. Once it’s done… the thumbnail and the canvas will update. You may still see the flower if you jump around a lot… but a lot less.

Portrait aspect ratio support in the Filmstrip

You can now mix these two more easily, with no large gaps between them. It’s an aesthetic change, but we think it looks awesome.

File controls in the Filmstrip

You can now mouse over items in the filmstrip. The icon closes the file without changing. The ⬇ arrow icon saves the selected file. This should make it easier to load up a bunch of photos to work with and save as you go.

Improved Keyboard Shortcuts

Be sure to check out the updated keyboard shortcut lis.

We’re expanding them for tasks like closing a tool group and switching workspaces.

Enabling Tools

We’ve polished how the tool behavior works. The goal here is to speed up edits.

  • If a tool is disabled (unchecked), you can click on the slider to enable the tool and set its value at the same time.
  • If a tool is disabled (unchecked), you can click on its name to re-enable the slider.
  • Double-clicking the control handle (circle) resets most tools to their default value.

Expanded JPEG export controls

We’ve added a slider to set the quality of JPEG exports. It ranges from 0 to 100 (and the Default value of 92 is visually lossless). This is perfect for those who want refined control when making JPEG files.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now toggle the visibility of the Gradient Tool without resetting its options to a default preset.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause turning the visibility of a LOOK off, then on, to lose its settings.
  • We’ve also improved the consistency of the visual layout in several tabs.

How to update

Thanks again for using Radiant Photo. You can learn how to upgrade by checking out this article on the Radiant Manager.

  • When you launch the application, it should prompt you for an update.
  • Be sure any host applications like Photoshop or Lightroom Classic are closed when you run the update.
  • Here are additional instructions on how to update if needed.

Other Issues?

Our team is here to help. We have real humans who answer questions. We protect them with a short form – Just scroll to the bottom and submit some information, and they’ll get back to you quickly.


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