Essential Update. What’s new in Radiant Photo 1.0.3

It’s time to update. We’re about to ship version Keep reading to learn how to update.

Thank you for being a Radiant Photo user. We truly appreciate your passion for the product and your feedback. This is an essential update for all users, especially those on Windows. We strive to provide high-quality software and closely look at the bugs we receive through our tech support team.

Windows users – READ THIS.

(macOS users skip ahead)

We’ve added support for a second raw decoder. This dramatically expands the number of file types and cameras that you can drag and drop into the Radiant Photo application on Windows.

However, you MUST install these three items.

Radiant Photo requires that these extensions are installed and up to date from Microsoft. Ignore the reviews on the Windows app store…. a bunch of people don’t understand that these are not apps but rather format extensions.

Note: If you’re running Windows 11, these may already be installed on your computer.

Raw Image Extension

Cost: FREE

This unlocks support for many cameras, including many RAF and most CR3 files.

You can acquire the extension to install on your devices, but Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version number 1903 or newer) is required to install the extension. You can check out to see which formats are added to Windows.

HEIF Image Extensions

Cost: FREE

Add support for the High-Efficiency Image Format files. This is needed to open HEIF or HEIC photos. Many iPhones shoot HEIC, and some cameras have recently added the HEIF format. You MUST also have the HEVC Video Extensions for this to work (not our call to change…. license requirements).

HEVC Video Extensions

Cost: 99¢ USD

This one requires a license fee. Apple pays it for its customers. Microsoft does not. Sorry… just how it works. This is needed to unlock HEIF and HEIC image support. If you don’t use these formats… you can skip it.

Useful updates for macOS and Windows users

These changes affect both macOS and Windows users.

Register Radiant Photo as a supported app for CR3 and HEIC files

You can now open CR3 and HEIC files with Radiant Photo on both macOS and Windows. If running Windows, read the section above on installing the required extensions.

Allow for drag and drop for all file types

Prefer to drag and drop? Now you can for all supported formats. Moreover, you can easily drop them in the canvas to open several files at once.

Simplify output file type options.

Getting the right files saved is now easier. But this may seem a little tricky if you mix file types.

With only raw files

  • All to 8-bit JPEG
  • All to 8-bit PNG
  • Raw to 16-bit TIFF
  • With only non-raw files*
  • All to 8-bit JPEG
  • All to 8-bit PNG
  • All to 8-bit TIFF

With RAW files and others mixed

  • All to 8-bit JPEG
  • All to 8-bit PNG
  • Raw to 16-bit TIFF, others to 8-bit JPEG
  • Raw to 16-bi TIFF, others to 8-bit PNG
  • For all TIFF output, match the bit depth of the input image
  • You can also save to the Original Format to match the source file.

Update to the Help Menu

You’ll find a quick link to access the Radiant Photo Collective community.

Another Reset button

Want to “start over” for your edit? We’ve added a second Reset button to make getting back to the start easier. Just click the circular arrow in the top right corner. Remember that pressing the spacebar lets you toggle the before and after views.

Improved Radiant Manager

Radiant Manager will launch daily on its own and check for updates. It will then quietly shut itself off. This will help keep you up to date more easily.

Useful updates for Windows users

We’ve fixed several Windows bugs. Thanks to all the folks who worked with our support team and provided logs, sample files, and details.

Support for Windows Native Raw

Be sure to read the top of this article and load the raw extension. In addition, several new formats are now supported for Windows users, including most CR3 and RAF files.

Photoshop 16-bit Color Fidelity

We’ve fixed an issue that caused some color spaces to shift when using the Photoshop plugin in 16-bit mode on Windows. Users noticed a difference between the preview window and the final layer. This is now fixed.

Increased stability for batch exporting

The increased file format support and native Windows raw support have led to faster and more stable batch exports for Windows users.

Lightroom Classic Batch Export Improvements

Windows Lightroom Classic users can use their own User presets when they want to Batch export. Learn more about batch exporting here –

Crisper text for Windows UI

We’ve improved the text legibility for Windows users. This is especially useful if you’ve turned on monitor scaling.

How to update

Thanks again for using Radiant Photo. You can learn how to upgrade by checking out this article on the Radiant Manager.

Other Issues?

Our team is here to help. We have real humans who answer questions. We protect them with a short form – Just scroll to the bottom and submit some information, and they’ll get back to you quickly.

Sneak Peek 1

We’re at work on update 1.1. This will add some new functionality. And it will, of course, be free for every Radiant Photo user. If you like to color grade… have a peek at this. More details soon.

Sneak Peek 2

We have a special promotion launching with Black Friday. We’ll be offering a bundle with Mylio. Their Mylio Photos tool is a cool way to manage photos. It lets you consolidate all your photos from several drives and devices into a single photo library. You can then sync an optimized library that’s up to 20X smaller to all your portable devices like phones, laptops, and tablets with raw editing.

Mylio Photos works great with Radiant Photo. And also offers fully automated photo backup. We’ve used the product since its launch in June and are impressed with the tech.

If you already own Radiant Photo, you can save on a year of Mylio Photos. If you want both products, we’ll have a special bundle that’s a big discount.

We also have new preset and LOOKs bundles that will be on special during the holidays too.

More soon.



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